SpeedZone™ Every Day Vacuum is the exclusive product package of H-P Products Central Vacuums and their dealers. 

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So Many Spots for Spot 

Spot stores up to 15' of retractable hose in the wall for quick and easy on-the-spot cleaning. It's great for laundry rooms, utility areas, foyers, pet areas and mudrooms.

You Can Vacuum Where?
Spot reaches the places other vacuums can't. Counters, ceilings, drawers, inside the dryer vent, and of course the floor. 


More Powerful Than a Paper Towel 

Paper towels may be strong, but they've got nothing on the power of Spot. Quickly sucks up dry spills in seconds.

No Gear to Get!
No need to go to the closet for the broom and dustpan or unwrap the cord of your portable vacuum. Spot is right where the mess is.


Easy to Use
Simply remove the hose, pull out the switch and vacuum. When done, the hose retracts back into the wall valve. pull up the handle to activate the vacuum. Pull. Vacuum. Retract.